I don’t want to miss out my collectibles. Although they are on a separate page I just want you to know that I went through the same process of designing these from scratch and making a mould and casting each one in resin.

 A skill that im still in need of perfecting and is very messy but check out the results.

Collating has made me realise just how much work I have done, There was a lot more done using plasticine but I didn’t keep a picture record of that work.


My first project using Super Sculpy was the Model C. This was designed from the ground up only going on reference material written by one of my friends and was a real test of what I had learned using plasticine.

From then I haven’t looked back and have enjoyed learning to use Super Sculpy.


Have a look at my creations ranging from my early plasticine work to my most recent work with Super Sculpy.

Baby Root
C HULK Reaper 666 Boba Fett
K-Rod The Bat Fallen Angel Early Plasticine Female Form Evo5 Angels vs Demons
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