Sculpture Projects

Fallen Angels:

This is an idea I have been working on for a while and accomplished a few different models in this range that I want to build on. I have some big ideas rattling around in my head and will be able to take the knowledge I get from my course to be able to grasp and design some of the bigger projects I have in mind.

I will keep you updated with projects in this range that I start.




College Course:

At City Lit I have recently started an Introduction to sculpture course and am looking forward immensely to the tuition and insight from a professional sculptor learning the basics and fundamentals of sculpture and model making.

Being self-taught it can become hard hitting hurdles and spending a painstaking amount of time rectifying a mistake that could have been avoided all together.

In the later weeks of the course I will be starting a project (yet to decide what this will be) and on this page I will keep you up to date with the ideas, stages and progression with pictures and explanation to the steps and techniques that are going to be used.

I look forward to be able to share the knowledge that I will be gaining through this course.

Update 17/3/2014 - I have decided to do my final project on the female form. i will update on the Female Form page and on my blog




Fallen Canvas:

My idea behind Fallen Canvas was to let people let their creative side flow. Using acrylic paints or permanent markers you can make these little guys come alive. Make them colourful or just paint on your favourite character.

You can check out more pictures and Info on the Fallen Canvas page





I love their mischievous grins. What have these little Fiends been up too?

I found inspiration through some old collectibles I used to have as a child called mini Boglins and wanted to re-create something in that vein. Very simple but instantly recognisable.

I hope you like the variation so far. I will be adding more soon.



Illustration Projects


The original Idea behind Sir Warrick was stop motion animation. He was one of my earlier creations and modelled him with Plasticine with a wire armature. It quickly spiralled into a massive project and out of my ability and time.

Naturally I took the sketches I did of Warrick and ran with them, a few design changes and adding characters and a story it developed into a comic.

Definitely a few hurdles with this project but a few more tweaks and it’ll be complete.




Roid Ragers:

Starting from just a doodle on a pad at work I couldn’t help but want to do more with the two crazy characters in Roid Ragers.




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