I love their mischievous grins. What have these little Fiends been up too?

I found inspiration through some old collectibles I used to have as a child called mini Boglins and wanted to re-create something in that vein. Very simple but instantly recognisable.

By far this has been one of the biggest projects I have taken on and yes I have been learning while going along but that is half the fun right? (apart from the frustration when it doesn’t go right of course)

Expect more designs and grins coming your way soon.

After cooking the base model i had to make a mould so i could make a tough replica.

Cast and painted final stage for the Cowboy Fiend.

The original sculpt which i was going to building on for the finished characters.

Resin copy of the head. Once cured this is rock hard.

Polymer clay added to the base cast to make the characters more distinguishable.

For the cowboy i used wax strips to create the hat because it holds it's shape better than clay.

Once the clay is cooked it is time again to make more  silicone moulds.

Once the moulds are cured they are ready to start casting the final product in Resin

Painted and ready for display there are endless possibilities for these Fiends.

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