Female form

My project at college was the female form as it's something i hadn't tackled before and really wanted to jump at the opportunity to do so.

Starting with a metal armeture and nailing it down to the base to make it stable as i started adding bulk with plaster soaked in skrim (lose weaved hessian) and wrapping it around the armeture. This also helps the plaster stay onto the model.

One thing i did find is that the weak points which are the ankles and knees did start to get a bit shaky with the more weight i was putting on, so i had to reinforce it with a steel rod which i will cut out when i need to start putting detail on the back and know that the figure is stable enough to withstand the weight.


Going in for my final day of the Introduction to sculpture course i had to decide how i was going to approach finishing as much of my project as possible while i had my tutors brains to pick.

I didn't know how to get the plaster to stay on the hands, every time i tried to put some on it would either fall off or easily be knocked off. All i had to do was paint it on with a paint brush, because it was a delicate and small area the easiest way to get it on is to layer it on.

With the time that i had i couldn't get it finished but got the form right which is something i really have to work on (lots and lots of practice). Plaster and skrim on order i will add hair and smooth it out and get her looking a bit better.



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