My first entry for my new blog.


The first thing I need to update you all on is my college course at City Lit. It’s coming up to my final week which has flown by.

I have been getting underway with my main project which is going to be based on the female form, I have done plenty of male pieces now so wanted to try this.

I am actually using plaster to create the model. This is new to me and had never thought of using it for any of my art before now. I am enjoying using it, even if it is rather messy.

Being able to get the right mix of water and plaster is tricky and having to leave it to get to the right consistency to add to the model is a bit of a pain (lots of waste until I get used to it)

Getting plaster on the tricky areas like the hands will be a test for next week and hope to get it almost completed. I will keep you posted with more pictures.




Finished my City Lit course this Saturday.

Project finished to a degree (a bit of finishing off at home) and now a big think of what to do next!

My tutor suggested a life sculpture course? or maybe a course on casting.

I have ordered some plaster and clay to practice form. Might try and do a bust for my next sculpt.



Had a good day out at ToyCon UK 2014 last Saturday with a good friend that I dragged along. Armed and ready with lots of questions the people there were amazing, everyone could spare five minutes for me to pick their brains.


Flawtoys and DT Custom were particularly helpful and brought a customizable resin figure witch I will sculpt and paint into Judge Dredd.


I will keep you updated on the pregress.



DT Custom resin


DT Custom Resin completed. Judge Dredd is ready to cause havoc among Mega City One's criminal underbelly.


Practicing a few new painting techniques like dry brushing and it worked quite well, also applied the paint a lot thinner but more coats.... It takes a while but the results are 100 times better than having globby  lumps and brush marks.

I bought some Inks to help with detailing, still havn't used this on Dredd yet but will use a brown ink on the cold which is supposed to bring out the levels a lot better. Hope you enjoy.



Been very slack with updating this as was in hospital and then started a new job role this year at work so been busy. Still managed to get some models and painting done of course ;)

Been trying more of a designer toy feel to my work and making the designs simple so i can get the practicing for molding and casting as undercuts in previous work was making me go crazy.


Enjoying using different painting techniques too, getting some good finishes.

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